Hilliard Studio Method


My second child was born in mid-January. As soon as I could resume exercise following a C-section, I headed back to Hilliard Studio Method. I was excited to get moving again, but worried it would take months to regain strength and muscle tone. Holding a plank for more than a few seconds seemed impossible.

The first several classes back were really tough, but I was surprised how quickly my body responded to the workout. Much sooner than I anticipated, I started using heavier weights, fewer modifications and was sticking that plank a little longer at each class. I became and continue to be more aware of working “to my edge” as I get back in shape post-pregnancy.

I also credit HSM for helping me feel energetic and strong during my pregnancy. The trainers are very attentive to calling modifications for moms-to-be and with their support, I felt safe doing classes until the day I went into labor.

Like most everyone, for me one of the biggest challenges to exercising is finding time to do it. The Express classes have been a great addition for busy schedules, and I sweat and shake just as much as in an hour class.

I appreciate that Liz, Clary and their incredible team are always striving to make the HSM experience better — changing up classes, providing more scheduling options and videos, adding concepts like HSM | Core and supporting a healthy lifestyle through products offered in the studio. Even my husband is now on the Hilliard bandwagon, regularly taking Core classes and making smoothies!

I admire Liz and Clary not only for creating an amazing workout, but also for fostering a healthy, inspiring and welcoming community. I know they will continue the awesome work!

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