Hilliard Studio Method


I could jump on the “broken record” band wagon and tell you virtually everything that has been said by many women before me—-Liz and Clary are incredible; the instructors are nothing short of amazing; a supportive atmosphere of encouragement starting at the top and trickling down; 60 minutes of “working to your edge.” All of that is true!

For me, it actually goes deeper than that. My children weren’t born two weeks ago, or even two years ago. I am the mother of a 28, 26 and 23 year old. #thisissixty I am also the daughter of aging parents; dementia and broken hips are now the norm. As I watch my children embark on their next chapter, and know this is the beginning of my parents’ last chapter, the investment in my health and well-being becomes nothing short of imperative. HSM has been a key piece to my active future. (That and walking my d—- dog, Velcro.) As I succeed in getting stronger and more powerful, HSM celebrates along with me. #upuphold

It has been such a joy getting to know the women who make up all facets of HSM. I look forward to seeing their faces, hearing about their lives and cheering on their accomplishments. Sweating next to them almost daily (and y’all know who you are; I’m sorry) has become something I truly look forward to. Women of all ages, shapes and sizes are embraced for where they are right now AND for where they can go. Here’s to a strong future! Thank you, Liz and Clary. #bepowerful

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