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I haven’t previously written a testimonial because I was afraid it might seem disingenuous coming from the husband of the founder and father of the co-owner of Hilliard Studio Method, but the benefits have been so great I want to share it with other men. When I turned 60 years old a few years ago, I wanted to take on a new athletic challenge and decided I would compete in the high jump at the USA Track and Field Association’s Masters division.

I’ve been a gym rat for nearly 50 years doing every workout from boxing to boot camp but my first challenge was to slim down a body I’d been bulking up with heavy weight training for the past decade, and without losing any strength. In only six months, drinking the HSM Signature Smoothie and doing Hilliard Studio Method, I dropped 30 pounds while still drinking a bottle of wine a day.(some things just can’t be compromised). The heavy lifting and plyometric trainingĀ I did to improve my leaping ability led to frequent injuries which I rehabbed by doing Hilliard Studio Method. Finally the light bulb went on and I figured out that the HSM training was my best and safest way to get to my goal. After 3 years of work I won the Gold Medal at the Masters USATF National Championship in Boston.

My message is to say, “Guys, don’t let the ladies keep this to themselves! This is the best total body workout I’ve ever done.” Put it on your “must do” list and also join me at HSM | Core for the perfect complimentary workout. And, when I travel I use the HSM short workouts; Long Lean Legs and Power Plank and Push-up, in my room and don’t have to pack gear for the hotel gyms anymore.

USATF National Champion

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