Hilliard Studio Method


If there is a thing or three I have learned about myself since coming to Hilliard Studio Method, it’s this… my body is stronger than my mind lets me believe.

I started coming to HSM two years ago at a time when I needed to lose that very last bit of post-pregnancy weight. While I have always enjoyed exercising and have tried everything from yoga, running, high intensity, TRX and even to Cross Fit, HSM remains my favorite workout. HSM is in a league of its own. It’s challenging. It’s intense. Its dynamic and ever evolving movements ensure you are getting the best workout each and every time. Each time my mind tells me I can no longer do another push up, the instructors (and participants) there inspire me to push myself. One push up leads to two more, then to five more, and after taking a handful classes, I noticed a toner and stronger body.

Now I am 38 weeks pregnant with my third, and HSM remains my favorite workout. The instructors understand the changes your body goes through as you progress throughout your pregnancy. They provide attention on form and alignment, with detailed instructions on ways to modify. I can always rely on HSM for a challenging, yet SAFE work out. Most importantly, HSM is excellent for every stage of life as they truly live up to its “Be Powerful” mantra.

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