Your body adapts very quickly to long “same speed” cardio workouts, which can make you burn less calories each time you workout.

This is a major problem in doing too much same speed cardio. Most people have a “more cardio is better” mentality and don’t consider what it may be doing to their metabolism. One of the biggest factors to your metabolism is how much lean muscle mass you have.

Having proportionate lean muscle mass turns your body into a calorie burning machine. Unfortunately, excessive amounts of same speed cardio does nothing to help you build lean muscle mass. Even worse, too much of it can make you lose muscle and slow down your metabolism.

If you’re trying to lose inches and sculpt your body according to most health related organizations weight training improves muscle tone and increases strength, and also promotes metabolic health and fat loss.

All of us are time constrained. It might be good to rethink that 45 minutes on the treadmill and instead combine short bursts of cardio with weight training, more information available at

Or better yet come to class!

***Information on cardio and weight training from the American Council on Exercise, American College of Sports Medicine and American Heart Association

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