Whether you’re a working woman, a mom, in school or all of the above, mornings can be hectic! Our Hilliard Studio Method trainers are here with their tips for starting your day strong.

Liz:summer peach HSM smoothie

My morning tip is get up early enough to enjoy a cup of matcha tea and an apple. One more cup of matcha, then I’m on to making my summer peach HSM smoothie.

The recipe: Use one whole peach, two scoops of Catie’s greens, half an avocado, a scoop each of NorCal Organic pea protein and collagen peptides, and lots of ice. Delicious. That’s what I’m having as I write this. 🙂


C O F F E E ! But seriously — keep your HSM Signature Smoothie ingredients in a shower caddy in the fridge so it’s easy to get them in and out. If I wake up early for an a.m. workout and don’t have time to make breakfast, I shoot Catie’s organic greens and Vitamin C with water for an energy boost and worry about breakfast later.

Kid tip: Set your alarm for 30 minutes before the kids wake up (hopefully) to have some quiet time to center yourself and get set for your day before the chaos begins. 😉


Know yourself and what you need. I’m a get-up-and-go morning person. If I give myself too much time, I piddle and get sucked into things like Instagram or news stories and end up being late! My morning routine looks like this:

  1. 5 minutes on emails or making a to-do list. If I don’t do this, something gets forgotten.
  2. Wash face
  3. Get dressed
  4. Workout makeup on
  5. Smoothie blended and we’re out the door
  6. Workout done and the day is yours!


I always set my alarm schedule on my phone for the whole week on Sunday night. It keeps me organized so I don’t oversleep when teaching and helps build out a workout schedule for the week.


I wake up in time to allow myself an hour and a half before any obligations. I sit down for a nice, healthy breakfast — no rushing necessary. By the time that’s done, I’m wide awake for my morning workout and more mindful of what my day looks like. I love to wake up and really wake up — not just sleep until the last minute. If you have kids and you’re rushing around in the morning, that means they’re also rushing. In my experience, this can make the little ones feel anxious right off the bat, and you definitely don’t want that!


Set your coffee on a timer and go to bed early (beauty sleep is essential). Hydrate on the way to work or your workout to help wake you up (I drink half a water bottle on my way to teach). Fill your bottle back up when you get where you’re going to make sure you’re keeping up with your H2O intake all day long.


Set your work clothes out the night before, so you don’t have to think about it when you wake up! If possible, find a partner who’s willing to wake up early to make your coffee for you. 😉

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