Summer doldrums can get to even the most motivated people. Besides staying hydrated and reducing sugar consumption, here are our tips for staying at the top of your game all summer long!


  1. Improve sleep quality: Regulate your internal body clock by getting a consistent amount of sleep every night. Click here for 5 healthy foods to help send you into slumber!
  2. Reduce carb consumption: And by this, we mean simple carbs, like white bread, pasta and pastries. These might give you a quick energy boost, but they will leave you feeling sluggish (not to mention, they can even lead to heart disease). Stick to low glycemic, complex carbohydrates like certain veggies, quinoa, legumes and beans to fuel your body with energy!
  3. Trade in your coffee for matcha: Matcha has countless benefits for the body! Most importantly for those sluggish summer days, it contains an amino acid called L-theanine. This is the amino acid that stimulates the brain waves to create relaxation and concentration all at once. Swap out your morning cup of Joe for matcha tea for long-lasting energy without the crash!
  4. Exercise daily: Regular workouts are a great way to boost energy levels — and overall health. Burning calories while engaging in physical activity sends oxygen and nutrients to your body’s cells, helping your heart and lungs work more efficiently and giving you the energy to get through your day!
  5. Eat smaller meals more frequently: Instead of three large meals, try cutting your portion sizes down and eating more frequently throughout the day. Eating small meals and snacks every few hours can reduce the feeling of fatigue. If your brain isn’t constantly pumped with nutrients, it will tell your body it is tired, even if it’s really not. Because the brain doesn’t have many ways to reserve energy on its own, giving it the healthy fuel it needs will help you feel invigorated.
  6. Get enough vegetables + B Vitamins: B12 is one of the best vitamins to boost energy. In fact, its job is to support energy and cellular production. Catie’s Greens Powder is one of our favorite ways to make sure we have enough of both — it’s chock full of B Vitamins and has all your veggies in a powdered form. Scoop some up for yourself by clicking here!

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