1. How can I expect to feel during the Reboot?

The first day was the hardest for me. There was plenty to eat and it all tasted great! I absolutely love the HSM Smoothie that Green Brothers has bottled. It’s so convenient and fresh tasting, so it was an easy start. After I worked out and taught class I had my first juice, and I really needed more. So on day 2 and 3 I had the Green Hornet Smoothie after my workout and that did the trick. For 30 minutes post-exercise your body is in a high calorie burning state, so if you do go with juice and save the smoothie for mid-day, I would eat a protein heart with the juice to get more protein immediately after working out. In addition to the juices and protein hearts, you get a delicious beauty elixir you can take at any time which helped curb those late afternoon cravings when we tend to get a little hungry and tired. There was plenty to eat every 2-3 hours, so I never felt deprived and I drank more water than usual to stay hydrated and full. The easiest intake goal for water is to drink half your body weight in ounces. And the best part was a delicious dinner at the end of each day. We offer you 3 easy recipes that can be prepped ahead and also make great leftovers. Vegetables, salads, beans and fish are usually on the menu at my house, so that part was easy for me. For those who struggle reaching for that kind of food, I recommend you give it a try, and your taste buds and body will thank you! (Link to HSM Sample meal plan)

2. What I can expect as far as results after the Reboot?

I felt energized and excited and welcomed a much needed reboot after a week of indulgence at the beach! I bet you will feel the same way, too. We all fall off the wagon from time to time, and this Reboot is the absolute best way to reset your body without feeling deprived. I want you to be able to maintain a healthy diet, to lose weight safely and to learn to love fresh, healthy foods that taste great and help you Be Powerful.

3. How do I stay on track after the cleanse?

We are going to help you stay on track by carrying the HSM Smoothie and other Green Brothers juices and smoothies in studio! They will be bottled and ready for a quick and convenient grab-and-go after your HSM class. With all of our plant-based, protein-rich recipes and health tips, I hope you’ll be inspired to eat more real food, drink more water, and workout consistently to keep you looking and feeling great for good.

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Hilliard Studio Method group classes are designed to be taken on a regular, best case daily, basis. Each class is different from the day before, utilizing a variety of powerful movements and workout tools. Classes available at our Myers Park location in Charlotte, NC.

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Workout anywhere with Hilliard Studio Method! Our collection of streaming videos and DVDs range in difficulty from beginner to advanced with options from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. Be Powerful with HSM and transform your body no matter where you are.

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