How to Best Protect Yourself and Your Family from the Sun this Summer

With summer quickly approaching and lots of sunny days ahead, we all want to soak up the sun! Whether you’re playing with the kiddos, taking a summer stroll or lounging by the pool, it’s easy to forget to protect your skin and the kids’ from the sun’s harmful radiation. The HSM Lifestyle isn’t just about working out and eating well — it’s about taking care of your body and mind. So to help you make the most of your summer, we’ve pulled together some tips from our friends at Supergoop! Read on to learn more about having fun in the sun — the healthy way!


How much SPF should I really be using?

Any dermatologist will tell you that SPF 30 is the minimum you need for daily protection. For a day at the beach, pool, golf course or your favorite outdoor spot, Supergoop! says to use SPF 50 (and don’t forget to reapply!).

SPF protection

As long as I don’t burn, I’m good… right?

Not quite! Sunburn is caused by UVB rays. But just because you’re not getting burnt doesn’t mean you’re protected from damage caused by the sun. UVA rays travel even deeper into the skin, causing everything from aging to skin cancer. Broad Spectrum sunscreen is what you need — protecting against both UVA and UVB rays. The good news? All of Supergoop!’s formulas are Broad Spectrum, and even protect against Infrared rays. A whopping 90% of signs of aging are caused by the sun, so don’t forget to reapply often, and especially don’t forget to protect your neck!

So, how should I be applying my sunscreen? (The answer might surprise you)

You should wear SPF protection every day (yes, we’re serious), but UV rays are strongest from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., so make sure to re-apply mid-day! It takes a minimum of 1/4 tsp. (a nickel-sized amount) to cover your face and 1 oz. (a shot glass full) to cover your body — and it’s better to over-do it than under-do it.

But what about all those chemicals?

Lots of sunscreens contain irritating chemicals, like oxybenzone, which can lead to negative effects like disrupting hormones and even damaging coral reefs. Lucky for us, our favorite line of SPF skincare, Supergoop!, published a “No List” on their website — a list of over 100 ingredients they vow never to use in their formulas!


This summer, we challenge you to protect yourself with SPF daily! Stock up on Supergoop! products in-studio, or shop them online here! For more Sun 101 from Supergoop!, click here.


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