We loved working with Carolyn Hallett from The Whole Tulip to create a Hilliard Studio Method approved meal plan. This meal plan takes the guess work out of everything. Not only are the recipes delicious and easy to follow (pictures included!), but Carolyn has created a shopping list as well as planned the menu to be as efficient as possible to avoid wasted food. Click here for a free copy of the Hilliard Studio Method Meal Plan from The Whole Tulip.

We all want to provide what’s best for ourselves and our families, but making and eating healthy whole foods can feel overwhelming and way too time-consuming. There is no lack of conflicting information available and it’s often difficult to make informed decisions when you’re rushing home at five o’clock with hungry children clamoring, deadlines looming and endless priorities to juggle. I get it. Now with my husband and seven year old son and four year daughter, it’s a constant balance. 
Helping people find that balance and experiencing that ah-ha moment when they make the connection between food and how they feel is where I thrive. I’ve been working at this for 10 years. What worked for me 10 years ago after graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, no longer applies to me now. Fast forward 10 years, 2 kids, and crazy schedules, I have to plan and make even more conscious decisions about how I move and what I put in my body. That planning, those awesome workouts at HSM that protect my back and knees, and listening to my body are filling me with energy and gratitude going into my 40th year that I did not have in my 20’s. If someone told me 15 years ago this is what I would be doing and how I would be feeling, I would have said you were crazy. 
If you are stuck in the dinner rotation rut or feeling like you may want to make some changes in your diet, I can help. I provide custom meal planning and offer weekly and monthly plans to get you going and reach your goals. If you are not finding the time to search through cookbooks and blogs to find new recipes or you are just overwhelmed with what you should be eating, send me an email today for your free assessment and let me help. -Carolyn Hallett, The Whole Tulip
Contact Carolyn to create a custom meal plan for you and your family – email carolynshallett@mac.com

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