Eating broccoli and its cruciferous cousins like kale, cabbage and maca have been proven to help your body rid itself of harmful common air pollutants, benzene and acrolein. Johns Hopkins University doctors tested 300 Chinese farmers who were exposed to harmful levels of air pollutants and found that after 12 days of drinking 1/2 cup of broccoli sprout juice which contains the compound glucoraphanin, they expelled benzene at a rate of 61% and acrolein at a rate of 23% through their urine. And the best part, the juice worked just as well on day 1 as it did at the end of the experiment, meaning your body doesn’t acclimate to the helpful compound and lessen its affects. The downside is it appears broccoli and other potent greens in the cruciferous family can only help rid our bodies of recent exposure to pollutants. Older exposures that are stored in fat cells may not be affected. More testing is needed but here’s a good thought: If we blast those fat cells through our powerful workout at HSM, will you rid your body of those pesky toxins hiding out? We think so!

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