Our body produces a plethora of chemicals and hormones in response to exercise.  Research reported by the Wall Street Journal confirms that one of the hormones, irisin, helps reduce the risk of breast cancer.  Not only will it help slow or reduce growth of malignant cells, but it also aids chemotherapy agents kill the breast cancer cells.  This is one powerful reason to make vigorous exercise a regular part of routine.

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Hilliard Studio Method group classes are designed to be taken on a regular, best case daily, basis. Each class is different from the day before, utilizing a variety of powerful movements and workout tools. Classes available at our Myers Park location in Charlotte, NC.

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Workout anywhere with Hilliard Studio Method! Our collection of streaming videos and DVDs range in difficulty from beginner to advanced with options from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. Be Powerful with HSM and transform your body no matter where you are.

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