Hilliard Studio Method


From the first time I took my first HSM class I was hooked! I’ve always loved to work out and have especially enjoyed running. However, after having children 12 months apart, running wasn’t effective in getting me back in shape. Soon after I started at Hilliard, I saw results! No other workout has been as successful and energizing for me as Hillard. My favorite saying there is, ‘Work to your edge’. Every class I am inspired to push my body to its limits to target my edge. In doing so, I feel more fit than before I had children, which is something that I did not think was possible. The bonus is, Hilliard produces awesome results for your mind too! I walk out classes feeling stress free and rejuvenated. The instructors are amazing and from the moment that I attended my first class, they have welcomed me with unwavering support. They all have such passion for what they do and it’s contagious. Liz and Clary have a model that is second to none.

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