Hilliard Studio Method


I had never been interested in group classes, but after two c-sections I knew I had to change up my cardio routine and add strength training to get the results I wanted. For years I wanted to attend HSM classes, but was afraid I wasn’t strong enough to finish the class. I finally reached out to Lee Kennelly for personal training sessions. Having the right form was important for me to avoid injuries and to get the most out of my workouts. Lee provided modification options to help me successfully transition to group classes. After a couple of classes, I was hooked and impressed. The highly skilled instructors “worked me to my edge” during each class. I eventually made progress to hold a one minute plank without struggling!

Over one year has passed and I can feel the “mind body connection” throughout my day. I’m stronger with better coordination and stability. I love the dynamic group classes and the community feel about HSM.
The first time I visited the Hilliard Studio, everyone made an effort to acknowledge me and make a personal connection. That same commitment to their clients still exists today and always has me coming back for more.

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