Hilliard Studio Method


Working out is and always has been an outlet and escape for me. Having played tennis in college, I have been exposed to various training programs and exercise routines. I enjoy running and any kind of exercise, but I have to say that Hilliard Studio Method is bar none the absolute best and most results-driven workout I have ever done.

With three kids age six and under, I often enter the studio somewhat stressed or frazzled! But once the music starts and we pick up the heavy weights, I feel empowered, focused, and energized in a way that other workouts I’ve done simply don’t compare to. I call this hour of class “me time” and it’s a time where I challenge myself to be better physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I shake, it burns, and sometimes I want to simply give up, but I’m surrounded by strong women and instructors that keep me motivated and inspired to push myself to my “edge”. With a stronger core, my lower back no longer gives me fits like it has in the past due to picking up my kids. I feel confident in the way that I look and feel due to Hilliard Studio Method, and appreciate the support of those around me when I’m completing my hour of “me time”.

I will continue to incorporate what is not only a terrific workout, but also this healthy lifestyle as part of my goal to be my best self. Here’s to being powerful!

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