Hilliard Studio Method


I was an avid runner occasionally going to boot camp, but after getting engaged two years ago, I wanted a workout that would better tone and shape in preparation for the big day. A friend of mine suggested Hilliard Studio Method and after a month of hesitation and worry that the workout would not give me the same calorie burn as running, I gave it a try and have never looked back. I could not have felt better – mentally and physically – on my wedding day, thanks to HSM. Going to Hilliard Studio Method became more than just a workout but a lifestyle change.

Following my wedding and now 38 weeks pregnant, I continue to go to the studio three times a week. The instructors offer appropriate pregnancy modifications which allows me to focus on getting stronger safely. Because of HSM I have not had back aches or muscle fatigue during my entire pregnancy.

HSM is the perfect workout whether you are a bride-to-be, mom-to-be, or wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am not the first to say, after one class I was addicted!

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