Hilliard Studio Method


I am totally sold on HSM! After having my second baby eight months ago, I signed-up for the Spring Break Challenge hoping to get my pre-baby body back. Turns out, I did better than that. I weigh less now than before I got pregnant, but more importantly, I FEEL better and so much stronger! This Challenge was a total game-changer for me. With very limited child care, I was worried about my ability to make it to so many classes each month, but I found that if something is really important, you can make it work. The incredible trainers and awesome staff are so welcoming and encouraging – I always look forward to coming back for more. HSM is one of the few things that I do totally for myself, but I think the effects have a positive impact on my family as well. I leave class feeling energized and ready to take care of everyone else. And, I just go through the rest of my day in a better mood. With two little boys at home – eight months and two and a half years, I need all the extra strength, energy and┬ápositivity I can get! I am also making better food choices for myself and my family. In fact, I often hear the Hilliard mantra playing in my head, “Change your body, change your mind!” And thanks to HSM, I have! This Challenge was only the beginning. Although I may not get to put stars on a big poster in the studio anymore, I am challenging myself to continue attending four to five classes every week. And if I need any extra motivation, all I have to do is look to Clary, Liz and all of the other amazing HSM trainers!

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