Hilliard Studio Method


On April 9th, I welcomed a precious baby girl into the world! Throughout my pregnancy, I consistently worked out at Hilliard Studio Method and made every effort to be in the studio at least three times a week! I keep coming back to HSM because of the results and the endorphin release. During my first trimester of pregnancy, I was using six pounds for my heavy weights during arm work and I am happy and proud of myself to say that I slowly worked my way up and now I consistently use eight pounds during bicep/shoulder work. I am proof that you can continue to improve your strength even while gaining pounds for baby!

The HSM Smoothie was my saving grace during my first trimester. Thanks to morning sickness that lasted all day, eating wasn’t easy. I knew I needed nutrients to keep our baby healthy, so I made a smoothie every single day. It helped me feel more human: I had energy to get past the nausea, to show up to an HSM class, and I had a peace of mind knowing that I was feeding and fueling my body, and therefore my baby.

During this stage in my life, HSM helped me feel strong and fit despite my growing waistline. I feel confident in my strength and in my ability to bounce back past partum. Thankfully, I had a quick and easy delivery, much of which I attribute to HSM – I truly felt strong and powerful.

Personally, I credit HSM with helping me get my body and body image back into a healthy state post surgery woes related to my Crohn’s Disease. Many people do not know that I have a 7” vertical scar on my stomach; however, thanks to HSM, I rocked a bikini for the first time in over two years on an anniversary trip last May! I truly believe that HSM has played a BIG part in my journey to remission with Crohn’s Disease—I would not have been able to safely conceive and carry a baby if my body was not in remission. She is our biggest blessing! Now having become a Mommy, more than ever I want to set a good example for my little girl. HSM will be that slice of “me time” but it will also show my daughter the importance of taking care of yourself and being healthy.

For all women who have not tried HSM, all I can say is, do not be intimidated! There are women of all different ages, shapes, and sizes, and all in different levels of their own personal health journeys in every class. From the second you walk into the studio, you’re greeted with a smile and an awesome “girl power” vibe…it’s such a welcoming atmosphere. I am so thankful for my “HSM Family” and am so happy to have a little HSM-er in the making in my sweet, little Evie!

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