Hilliard Studio Method


After years of triathlons and running marathons I was burned out, bored and injured. I needed and wanted something to get me excited about working out again. I felt like I tried every new workout program that came to Charlotte and was either bored, uninterested or it was just too similar to all the other workouts I’d done in the past. I was looking for something new that would challenge me in a different way.

Some of my friends had sworn by Hilliard Studio Method for years but I was skeptical because I was used to grueling workouts that at times would leave me grasping for air. I signed up for my first class with Lee, not expecting much but thought I would give the class a try since I’ve tried everything else. I used to consider myself fairly athletic and strong until about 5 minutes into my first class. Wow! I used muscles that I didn’t know I had and struggled getting through a full class when I used to consider a 60 minute workout a light day. I was so sore the next day that I could not wait to sign up for my next class.

After a year and a half of working out at Hilliard, I have noticed a change in my body type. I am slimmer and have more tone in my body than I was while I was training for my triathlons and marathons. I have also noticed my overall strength and endurance get better since I’ve just returned to running again. What an amazing group of strong instructors that challenge and motivate you to push yourself and become your strongest you!

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