Hilliard Studio Method


Having a balance of mind, body and spirit is important to me. God has blessed me with one body and it is up to me to take care of it. Fitness is a top priority in my daily routine. I have done just about everything from long distance running (15 yrs), P90X (4 yrs), Insanity (3 yrs), Cross Fit, Pilates to Yoga. However, my body responded unsatisfactory to these exercises. I was not getting results after devoting hours to working out. I wanted long lean muscles for my arms and legs, and wanted to get rid of the stubborn lower abdominal pooch that has taunted me ever since I turned 45. I was resigned to thinking I could never have the body I desired because of my DNA until my friends Sara Gray and Sarah Slade urged me to try Hilliard Studio Method. I had heard the rave reviews about HSM but dismissed the idea of thinking that I could be transformed. The first time I tried HSM, I knew right away this is a life changer! My body began to transform within a month, and I was addicted! It was like a chain reaction. My metabolism soared throughout the day-burning calories even when I was sleeping. I’m a healthy eater, and combined with my new HSM workout, my energy level has gone sky high. I now have amazing core strength and I truly feel and look POWERFUL! I now workout several days a week at HSM and enjoy one hot yoga class a week as dessert for my body. The teachers and staff at HSM genuinely want to take care of you and help you reach your fullest fitness potential always ensuring that you are happy and have the best experience possible in their chic studio. They always keep the routine fresh and challenging so monotony is at bay. Lastly, my aspiration and fitness goal you ask? To be like Liz

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