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Hilliard Studio Method client, Kimberly Zirkle, recently celebrated one of her biggest milestones by hosting a private class at our studio with her crew of other strong women! This year, Kimberly was promoted to partner at Charlotte law firm, Moore & Van Allen, PLLC, an incredible accomplishment that, just like any Method class, was full of twists and turns. We are so excited to share her story:

“In 2013, my daughter began experiencing some health issues, causing me to take a detour on my career path in order to devote more time to her and the rest of my family. I took a step back at work and from several other things in my life, including my beloved classes at Hilliard Studio Method.

As things began to become more balanced at home and work, I was able to step back into the studio for my first class in quite a while. Even though I have been a client since the Park Road studio days, I was a bit nervous about returning to class knowing that things are constantly changing to keep the classes fresh and new. Still a little unsure of some of the new moves and whether or not I could keep up, I found myself at the barre with my heels together and toes apart. Mid-class, Liz came over to adjust my positioning and lifted my heels even higher off the ground. There were plenty of times over the years where I (like many others) may have had a mental choice word or two after Liz pushed us a little harder, but this time I almost burst into tears. I felt that for the first time in a long time someone was there to help me to be stronger, to believe in me and was telling me I was allowed to take a break from thinking about everyone else and focus on myself for an hour. Sometimes the smallest gesture can have a genuinely powerful impact on someone’s life. Without any words exchanged, Liz knew that I needed to be pushed a little higher and so she did.

Realizing over the last several years that truly “if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you,” I have found the power to continue on my career path, successfully being promoted to partner in January of this year. When I am able to do things in a way that works for me, whether it is as a lawyer, a mother, a wife or in an HSM class, I tend to be much more successful. We may not always follow a straight path to our goals, however, we must never forget that we all have the power within us to accomplish our dreams and that everyone’s journey is going to look a little different.”

Kimberly’s Celebration Class!


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