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Dearest Liz:

Mere words can’t express how much I enjoyed your talk last week at the Main Street Books in Davidson.

After purchasing your book, I immediately drove home, settled into my favorite chair and started reading your book cover to cover…after completion, I quietly said to myself…”This is one of the best books I have ever read! It is authentic, powerful but speaks to both men and women on how to live a better life physically, emotionally and spiritually.” I related to so much of what you wrote in the early chapters of the book regarding your childhood. I was held back in second grade with my twin brother because he had dyslexia (my parents did not want to separate us) and for some reason I didn’t think I was smart enough when in fact I was very smart. Thank you for being able to share your story and the courage to tell it so beautifully.

When my husband Marty arrived home, I told him about what I read and we both made a commitment to start making smoothies Hilliard-style and start concentrating on our health. I realized that just walking does not make you lose weight but it is a combination of resistance bands and eating a plant based diet. This past week, I have lost 3 lbs and hopefully will be on the road to healthier eating. Your book will always, always be on my coffee table for guests to see when they visit my home.

Marty and I miss your wonderful family, but we have such JOY living in Davidson. I love learning and being with people of diverse backgrounds and knowledge. I feel I have bloomed in Davidson as my soul is being water through living in community as a part of Davidson College Presbyterian Church.

Liz, thank you for being such an inspiration, and I wish you and Clary continued success!

With much gratitude and love,

Penny Spangler-Lambert


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