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As a frequent traveler for business and personal, HSM Streaming is the cure for all workout challenges! The days of keeping a list of HSM exercises in my phone in hopes to mildly come close to a good session on the road are over.

Regardless of the equipment available where I am, HSM offers so many options in the “Streaming Library” that I will always get the workout I need.  I can choose from Live Classes with “No Equipment” to classes using “Weights & Gliders”. I actually travel with 2 frisbees, so no gliders in the fitness room…no problem! However, I must admit my husband did question why frisbees were packed for a week in Vegas recently. The library also offers short segments, so maybe a 10 minute leg and a 10 minute abs session are all I have time for. 20 minutes is always better than nothing!

Streaming is also ideal for the days my schedule doesn’t align with studio class times. For $29.99 a month, I no longer have a reason to miss HSM! Thanks, ladies 😊

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