Hilliard Studio Method


I started taking classes at Hilliard Studio Method about a year and half ago, and immediately, I fell in love.  For most of my life I’ve enjoyed working out and eating relatively healthy, but I never felt satisfied with my body image.  HSM changed all of that. When I got engaged last year, I started taking about five classes per week. I was addicted. I loved the fast paced, challenging, total body workout that HSM provides.  That, along with the smiling faces and support of each of the instructors, kept me motivated to come back each day.  Within weeks I was starting to see a change not only in my physical self, but mentally as well. My waist and legs slimmed down, my arms had definition I had never seen before (hello 8-pound bicep curls and shoulder presses), you could see my abs for the first time ever, and I felt and looked the healthiest I’ve been in my life. The strength and confidence HSM gave me positively impacted so many aspects of my life.  It’s amazing how just feeling good about yourself does this! Although I was already proud of myself with the results I achieved, it felt even sweeter when my husband, family, and friends told me how great I looked. I truly felt beautiful on our wedding day, and I have Hilliard Studio Method to thank for that.

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