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Fitness has always been an integral part of my life. I love pushing the limit and when I skip a workout my day isn’t complete. With four boys, a full-time business and a husband that travels often, daily exercise is my joy and sanity saver. This is why I’m so grateful to have found Hilliard Studio Method and their streaming videos in particular. HSM streaming gives me the flexibility to do their body-sculpting workouts anytime, anywhere. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that cardio alone or weight training alone will not give me the results I want. But with a dedicated, precise combination of cardio and resistance training (HSM) you can actually “design” your body as opposed to just losing or maintaining weight. This might sound a little strange, but I think of the Hilliard trainers as “body designers.” By combining pilates, barre, weights and dance-inspired moves they lengthen both primary and accessory muscles–changing your body.

I have subscribed to HSM video streaming for almost a year now and I love my body more now than in my early 20s. This testimonial isn’t about how much weight I’ve lost, but rather how HSM has helped me build a more balanced, toned and strong body I’m proud of. Plus I’ve found a workout I just adore. I do the videos 4 x a week before my boys get up for school along with our home reformer twice a week and cardio some afternoons. It is hands-down the best monthly streaming service I’ve used. Just like Hilliard’s studio design, classes, activewear and website, it’s high-end and a reflexion of the HSM lifestyle. The videography is so well done it makes you feel like you’re in class. It includes an extensive library of over 80 live stream classes (plus one new class each week) along with videos organized by duration, area targeted, level of difficulty and equipment.  It is perfect for travel because many of the videos use bands (my favorite) or gliding discs which can go anywhere. I even did an IG story on the rooftop patio of my NYC hotel doing Hilliard video #14 with just bands. And it’s easy to watch on my laptop while traveling or my workout room TV at home.

I highly recommend giving HSM a try be it in studio or via streaming. At the very least you will add a healthy dose of inspiration to your day by watching HSM’s motivational, mindful trainers and dedicated students. At the most, the Hilliard Method will take hold, become a lifestyle and redesign your body.

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