Hilliard Studio Method


Surprise! I train with Hilliard Studio Method. What, you’ve never seen me in class? That’s because I use the videos at home. I finally met Liz in person at the Scout Guide reception. I was happy to tell her she had been my personal trainer for years and I hoped she was happy with my progress.

Early in my career as a financial advisor I had an epiphany that a healthy lifestyle follows the same principles as retirement savings. My physical retirement goals became to feel and look my best at every age. Every day of good exercise coupled with a plant based balanced diet is like putting money away for a rainy day. But working full time, raising children and traveling for work challenges every best intention. Plus, after being a college athlete, I have high standards for any exercise program to give results and keep me challenged. I had always exercised but found that I was becoming unmotivated. I had lost the edge I had achieved in my youth and I wanted it back. Then I stumbled onto the first HSM video which kicked my rear. It was at that point that I went from directionless to intentional about how I worked exercise into my daily life as truly part of that overall retirement plan. The HSM videos are my favorite way to achieve this part of my retirement goals.

There is a video for every fitness level from beginner to advanced, and anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour in length. Getting started is usually the hardest part of working out at home. I get dressed for class just as if I was showing up at the studio. Being prepared to play is part of keeping your head in the game. I even tell myself what time class will be starting today and don’t be late. It goes without saying you have to have something that keeps you excited. Liz and Clary are always upbeat on the videos no matter how many times I’ve seen them. I always look forward to new videos or to find different ways to incorporate them into the daily plan. Boredom can easily set in unless you keep changing it up. Mixing up the short videos is a great way to keep a bit of a surprise element. Challenging myself to beat the video by holding the plank longer or doing more push-ups than Liz and Clary does wonders for self-esteem. It also means it’s time to try heavier weights. Victory dances and a sassy attitude are a must when I feel I’m doing my best, no matter which video I chose to follow. My favorites are Power 30 and Beautiful Bride. My go-to with no excuse video that I can do anywhere without equipment or much time is Long Lean Legs. It’s only about 10 minutes so you can really work to challenge yourself. I might be found yelling at that one.

BE POWERFUL and keep those walking-away muscles beautiful at every age! -Lisa Premo

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