Hilliard Studio Method


HSM is my time. As a working mom of two young boys I take an hour, 4 to 5 days a week, for me – it keeps me sane! I started HSM shortly after having my second son when I needed an efficient full body workout that produced results. I was thrilled that after just 10 classes I had those results and was amazed how it helped my energy level. I was still waking for nightly feedings and quickly realized that my morning workout at HSM kept me feeling energized longer throughout the day than my morning cup of joe (not that I gave that up). I have found HSM to be a welcoming community of women empowering other women in all aspects of wellness. Liz and Clary, as well as their team, are truly an inspiring wealth of knowledge on physical fitness and health. I love the constant challenge and the way I feel when I walk out the door!

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