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Running wasn’t enough when trying to lose weight after my having second child in June 2015. I was 55lbs overweight and frustrated that the “baby weight” didn’t melt off as promised. My stagnant workout routine needed a jump-start to challenge my body and more variety than cardio. The intensity of HSM classes taught me to focus on my strength to push myself through the hardest moves. The Hilliard instructors are superior with their music, motivation and cuing which helps drive results. Soon, I was back to work full-time and struggling to manage the responsibilities of family and work. I started adding HSM DVDs to my workout routine and hitting an HSM Express class once a week. After 6 months, looking in the mirror, I can’t believe this is my body, for the first time since college I am at a healthy weight! Thanks for challenging me and keeping me healthy for years to come.

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