Hilliard Studio Method


Hilliard Studio Method really is for any woman of any age! As the mother of two daughters – who are now mothers themselves – I am still amazed at the changes each of us continue to see through working out with the team at Hilliard Studio Method.

I started attending HSM classes in January 2012, and later that year my daughter Elise started coming with me as a bride-to-be. That same year, I had my first bone density test and was prescribed medication for my not so stellar results. Instead of taking the medication, I decided to continue a healthy diet and take classes almost every day at the studio. I was determined to slow osteoporosis down naturally and physically within myself rather than taking medication. At the end of last year, I went back in for another bone density test. Immediately the technician could see a big improvement in my results. She even asked what medication I was taking or what I had done to merit such a change. Of course I attribute a major part of my growing bone strength and density to Hilliard Studio Method classes. The low-impact nature of the workout is easy on the scoliosis and osteoporosis that runs in our family, allowing me to strengthen my back and stand strong in and out of class.

I was able to stand my tallest at my wedding in 2016. Getting married at my age can be daunting to some, but thanks to HSM I have never felt more beautiful and confident while starting this new chapter of my life.

Being able to workout beside my two daughters and new daughter-in-law, knowing that we are all doing something amazing for our bodies at such different points in our lives is so wonderful. I know that if I am able to do this workout, then so can they, and we can all push ourselves to our own edge in the same atmosphere. I am so proud of the strength we have all found to push through some of the biggest milestones in our lives from the HSM lifestyle.

Hilliard Studio Method classes are such an important part of my life that every morning my husband asks me which class I am going to today, whether at Hilliard Studio Method or HSM | Core, of which I have found to be a great compliment to The Method classes. It is part of my routine and I could not imagine starting my day any other way!

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