App + Website Signup Assistance

We’re making exciting changes at HSM with our Live Stream platform growing every day, and have a new waiver all clients will need to sign before they can register for classes. If you’re in need of signup assistance on our app, you’ll find a helpful instructional video + directions below with the full how-to.

HSM App Signup Assistance


  1. Install + open the HSM app on your mobile phone
  2. When you open the app, you will be greeted with the list of upcoming classes; click the class for which you’d like to register
  3. Click “book class,” and either “create account” or, if you are a returning client, “log in”
  4. If creating an account, follow the prompts and fill in your information; click “create account”
  5. When prompted, click “complete profile”
  6. Fill in the missing info fields; please note: you must scroll to the bottom of the form and check the box that says “I agree with the above terms.” You cannot proceed with creating an account unless this box is checked!
  7. The signature screen will immediately appear after checking the above box; sign your name and then click “agree” in the top right corner to proceed
  8. Click save

Still having trouble signing up?

We’re more than happy to provide assistance, simply drop us an email at