Every award show deserves its own cocktail! Whether you are gathering all the ladies to watch the Oscars together or having a quiet night at home, this cocktail is sure to please everyone and set you up for a healthy week!

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An Oscar Worthy Cocktail!


Step 1: Put a small hand full of raspberries and a few mint leaves in a sturdy glass or bowl.

Step 2: Muddle with a small spoon or mortar and then transfer to your favorite party glass.

Step 3: Top with ice.

Step 4: Measure out and add a shot of vodka.

Step 5: Top with club soda.

Step 6: Garnish with a fresh raspberry, lime wedge, sprig of mint and a festive straw!

Healthy, refreshing and easy to make, we think this cocktail deserves to win Best Picture!






Club Soda



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