Hilliard Studio Method


Liz, you and Clary are a great inspiration to me, always uplifting and truly caring about your clients. I always know you are looking out for me and making sure I’m doing the exercise correct, which makes you stand out! I love how you push the class yet support us through our pain. I couldn’t be happier for all your success with HSM! You’ve created an exercise studio that stands above all others; including trainers at gyms!

I worked out with a trainer for over 15 years doing a very tough, challenging workout. But after my first visit to HSM, I was immediately hooked. That was three years ago! I must admit, I felt the positive results of this workout more than I did my “gym” workout with my trainer.

This past week, I attended Liz’s class and left feeling completely spent, but totally exhilarated. It’s that great feeling of working my muscles to exhaustion that keeps me coming back for more. There is also a mind/body connection that occurs at Hilliard Studio Method as Liz and Clary work the whole person. From this great experience, I am motivated to take class as often as my time allows; ideally 3-4 times a week.

Eating a healthy diet has always helped me maintain my weight, but most noteworthy is the positive shift in my body after starting Hilliard Studio Method. I also feel much stronger, leaner and sculpted, which again keeps me coming back to their classes.

I especially love how I’m sore (in a good way) after most classes, how HSM is the most challenging because we are held accountable and cannot cheat, how Liz and Clary are positive, supportive and funny! I love the one-liners, as they always make me smile when I am grimacing.

Lastly, we not only get the most thorough workout, we get knowledgeable health advice for our diets and life style. HSM is the complete package, and I’m an “HSM Groupie.”

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