Hilliard Studio Method


I didn’t discover my love for exercise and fitness until beginning a career that required lots of sitting at a desk for gruelingly long hours. I tried to combat the stress by squeezing in a few classes a week at the YMCA across the street. Then after 2 kids my body needed an entirely new focus if I was ever going to fit into my pre baby clothes. I never dreamed I would see the definition I have now thanks to HSM in my arms, back, waist, and legs- ¬†and I was just trying to zip my skinny jeans!!

After experimenting with everything to tone up and lose a few excess pounds, from running to lifting weights with a trainer and yoga, I’ve found in Hilliard Studio Method a workout that is incredibly challenging and tough and gives me results that I had no idea were possible. HSM not only can develop strength, stamina, and focus, but it has a targeted approach to shaping (or reshaping) a woman’s body. And somehow Liz, Clary and the other instructors make the most intense workout I’ve ever done actually enjoyable with their motivating and encouraging attitudes!

Several months after finding HSM, my husband decided we needed to move out of the city and into the country (think a modern day Green Acres!). I tried some other barre classes that would require less of a commute, and they did not even compare to the warm up at HSM! I’m thankful for all the new class time options because I am careful to factor in several classes a week even with the more than thirty minute drive time it takes me to get to the studio now – and that’s only if I don’t get stuck behind a tractor! For me, it’s so worth it!

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