Hilliard Studio Method


I have always exercised—mainly in exercise classes for the last 35 years, but when I started with Liz and Clary (HSM) I felt like this one really targeted all the areas that I needed. I can actually see a difference and so can my husband. One hour takes care of everything—I especially love the elongation of muscles and the core workout. This workout is always challenging, no matter how long you have been at it—which is what I love! It never gets easy which is a good thing! I really feel like it’s made me much stronger. I am very grateful to have this wonderful studio in my neighborhood-and to have so many different times to attend classes. It’s truly the best workout with the most results that I’ve ever experienced in my extensive life of exercise classes.

Many thanks to HSM. And did I say that I am a Grandmother three times over? Age doesn’t have to be a factor!

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