Hilliard Studio Method


I have lived in Charlotte almost 15 years and have been active my adult life, so I have known about HSM for a long time. I had been wanting to try a class, but honestly I didn’t think fit the stereotype of a HSM client.  About 18 months ago I started going through a major hormonal shift and my old ways of working out were not benefiting me the same way. Around that same time HSM kept popping into my daily life (driving by the studio, people were talking about it), so I finally broke out of my comfort zone and decided to check it out. Immediately I knew it was going to change me.   But I am not always great with change so when the December challenge popped up I jumped at it knowing it was just what I needed.

HSM is different from other workouts and from other studios:

1) Women owned Charlotte based business- I love supporting women and especially women in my community.

2) Community feel of the studio- What surprised me the most about HSM is that is a community of women, many of which do not fit the stereotype I had in my mind. It is full of young college women, retirees, moms like me….all kinds of women who are there to change themselves.

3) Inspiration- every class there is someone there that inspires me.  Often it is myself.

4) The workout itself- Lee said recently – find the strength in the fatigue.   That is what sets HSM apart for me.  The more I shake, the more I engage.  The more I shake, the stronger I feel.  The workout is so challenging that I am able to have goals each class.  I have big goals (side planks) that I am still working towards, but each class there is one move I can do better and prove to myself I am stronger.

5) Effectiveness- In the last year I have achieved thigh gap and rediscovered my abs!  Really, I have seen significant results from the workout- inches off my thighs and waist.  Elimination of the ring around my middle.

6) Portability – I love the at home/vacation option. For $20 a month you can take HSM with you to the beach, on work trips. I pack my bands and I am good to go.

I love being part of the HSM family.  I love that it wasn’t at all what I thought it was going to be.  I am comfortable being me in the studio and love being supported by the staff and trainers.  HSM has helped me physically and emotionally.  Over the last year I have cleared out a lot of chaos from my emotional health.  HSM has helped me become stronger.  HSM has given me a place where I can come and work on myself emotionally and physically. You never know what people are really dealing with.  In so many ways HSM has helped me overcome some challenges in the past year and regain the confidence I was missing.

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