Hilliard Holiday Travel Guide


If you’re among the skyward-bound masses this season, we’ve got three easy tips and a few helpful links that will make your travel this season a happier and healthier experience.

The Day Before: Register for HSM Streaming + Pack Your Snacks

Traveling to a different state used to mean taking a break from your workout, but that’s no longer the case! With the HSM Streaming platform available anytime, any place, your favorite workout now goes wherever you do. Don’t have weights where you’re traveling? No problem; we have an entire category in our video library of weight-free workouts, designed with that in mind.

Visit this page on our site the day before you leave to get signed up, and enjoy the videos while you’re away. The best part, and a special holiday bonus? The first two weeks are free!

After you’re all signed up, it’s time to pack your bags – snack bags, to be precise. A few of our favorite snacks are easily popped into plastic baggies and made airplane friendly: air-popped popcorn, kale chips, bananas, and raw and roasted nuts.


The Morning Of: What to Eat + Drink

Starting your day with an HSM Signature Smoothie or Smoothie Bag is always a great idea. The nutrients in both will help you combat the germs and close quarters of airports, and the perfect balance of fiber and good fats will give you the energy boost you need.

As you are gathering your belongings and heading for the airport, be sure to drink a bottle of QUANTUM PCR H2O (now available in the studio) for your daily dose of CBD. Nothing makes travel tougher than aches and pains, and CBD is the perfect combatant. You may even notice a decrease in your overall anxiety levels, and speaking of water, this leads us to our next reminder…

Another requirement for long travel days? Stay hydrated! Be sure you’ve had plenty of water in advance of the trip, and once you get through security, your next stop should always be to buy a bottle of water. If you can get in the habit, you’ll be sure to stay hydrated.

During the Flight: Stretch

Space on planes seems increasingly less and less, but we found some great small-space stretches from our friends at GQ, and simply had to share.

1. Twisting it out: “Use whatever leg room you have at your seat to plant your feet firmly on the floor. Extend your left arm and place your left hand on the outside of your right knee, and slowly twist to the right. Repeat on the other side, and always include your head and neck in the twist to get the most out of the stretch.”

2. Leg stretches: “Another in-seat exercise begins with you taking off your shoe and placing your ankle on top of the opposite knee… start with the left ankle placed on the right knee (in a figure “4” formation). Deepen the stretch by leaning forward and placing your forearms on top of the crossed leg. To improve circulation in that position, flex and point your raised foot, and squeeze and spread your toes.

3. Self hug: “Aim to touch your shoulder blades with your fingertips. The self-hug targets your upper back, and can be done while either sitting or standing. From there, you can stretch your neck by pressing your right ear to your right shoulder before repeating on the other side. Be sure to do two versions of this stretch—one with each arm on top.

Additional Helpful Links + Articles

We found a few extra helpful articles that will ensure your travel this holiday season is a breeze, and you’ll find them below. The most important reminder, however, comes directly from the #HSMfamily: travel safely! Keep your wits about you and remember to enjoy yourself! The holidays will be here and gone in a flash, so don’t miss out!

Cheers to you and yours, and from all of us at HSM, happy holidays!


1. Frommers | Seven ways to avoid germs on airplanes

2. Travel + Leisure | How to sleep on a plane

3. Parents Magazine | 12 strategies for stress-free air travel with children

4. Real Simple | 20 tips from air travel insiders



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