Kelly Parnell + Amy Campbell

Kelly Parnell: Like so many other women, for many years of my life, I was fixated on achieving the “perfect” body idolized and glamorized by society. And so I waged war against my body, succumbing to yo-yo diets and inconsistent, cardio-focused exercise routines. When I finally decided to reach a truce with myself and make […]
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Every client has a story of what brought them to Hilliard Studio Method, the changes they have seen and why they continue to make The Method a priority in their life. Read more from the HSM family below!

Sara Brown

I am totally sold on HSM! After having my second baby eight months ago, I signed-up for the Spring Break Challenge hoping to get my pre-baby body back. Turns out, I did better than that. I weigh less now than before I got pregnant, but more importantly, I FEEL better and so much stronger! This […]

Hope Skouras

On April 9th, I welcomed a precious baby girl into the world! Throughout my pregnancy, I consistently worked out at Hilliard Studio Method and made every effort to be in the studio at least three times a week! I keep coming back to HSM because of the results and the endorphin release. During my first […]

Lisa Premo

Surprise! I train with Hilliard Studio Method. What, you’ve never seen me in class? That’s because I use the videos at home. I finally met Liz in person at the Scout Guide reception. I was happy to tell her she had been my personal trainer for years and I hoped she was happy with my […]

Stephanie Kimball

My job today is to tell you IT works! IT is hard, challenging and forever changing! After IT you’ll look and feel the best ever!The ‘IT’ of course, is Hilliard Studio Method. While I’ve taught group fitness programs all my adult life, this is the only program that truly delivers a well-rounded, complete workout! Nothing, […]

Lisa Cichan

Hilliard Studio Method is fuel not only for my body, but for my spirit! I have been hooked on HSM since its inception for good reason—it was the only program that produced results for me. The HSM team knows how to keep your attention by continually remixing and creating a daily program that efficiently works […]

Katie Hallaway

My second child was born in mid-January. As soon as I could resume exercise following a C-section, I headed back to Hilliard Studio Method. I was excited to get moving again, but worried it would take months to regain strength and muscle tone. Holding a plank for more than a few seconds seemed impossible. The […]

Molly Snyder

I could jump on the “broken record” band wagon and tell you virtually everything that has been said by many women before me—-Liz and Clary are incredible; the instructors are nothing short of amazing; a supportive atmosphere of encouragement starting at the top and trickling down; 60 minutes of “working to your edge.” All of […]

Jamie Christhilf

After years of triathlons and running marathons I was burned out, bored and injured. I needed and wanted something to get me excited about working out again. I felt like I tried every new workout program that came to Charlotte and was either bored, uninterested or it was just too similar to all the other […]

Nicola Heroy

Just wanted to say the biggest THANK YOU to everyone at the studio for helping me get into shape for my wedding! I honestly never thought I could be in this great of shape for my big day, and to actually have toned arms for the first time in my life was a huge plus! […]
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