Brittany Williams


Brittany grew up dancing and was always at the barre. It was her life, passion and love. She danced for over 20 years and loved the challenge, both physically and mentally. She is a Charlotte native and graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill. She was a UNC dance team member (captain 2001-2002) and also danced for the NBA Charlotte Bobcats. Once she got married, she decided to focus more on her career and family and less on dancing. She started doing more gym workouts, including running, strength training, cycle, etc, but never felt satisfied. Even though they were great workouts, she didn’t feel passionate about any one of them. She even tried yoga and various barre classes, and felt she was getting closer, but something was still missing. When she stepped into her first HSM class, she instantly knew it was different. “I was greeted by name and Liz was extremely helpful and encouraging. I could feel the camaraderie and I was instantly hooked. I knew HSM was something special and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I even boldly asked Liz about possibly teaching one day. AFTER MY FIRST CLASS! Seriously, I was that excited and I want to share that passion and excitement with others!”

Brittany is very determined and competitive and strives to bring that out in others. Being a dancer at heart, she loves music and feels that it’s a great motivational tool. “When people are enjoying themselves (even though they are shaking and probably want to curse you out) they really are reaching their maximum potential. And to help them do that, is such a gift.”

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